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March 2012

Product News
Com.X10 is the ideal solution for small to medium sized business

The latest product in a suite of PBX products designed and developed by Far South Networks, the Com.X10 is the ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses.

This neat telephony solution-in-a-box takes the pain out of running a business. It helps lower overheads and assists business owners in offering better service levels to their clients.

At its core, the Com.X10 is a powerful IP Gateway ensuring your business remains connected at all times. It supports legacy telecom (up to 16 Analogue, 4 to 8 BRI and/or 1 to 2 PRI) and SIP interfaces for PTSN / VoIP convergence, with the ability to… Read more…

Case Study
License collections made far far easier

Collecting outstanding debt must rate as one of the more challenging jobs on the planet.

Yet VVM Attorneys performs this function on behalf of its clients' efficiently and cost effectively.

Even though VVM have a sophisticated Avaya Predictive Dialler installed which spits out up to 200 calls per second over several Primary Rate ISDN lines (PRI or E1), the company found that its telephony costs were rising exponentially. Further inspection revealed the problem: VVM was running its voice system over Telkom infrastructure – two million minutes a month soon adds up to a hefty bill.

VVM invited three service providers, on a technical tender, to demonstrate their ability to reduce call costs without dropping the call volumes. Specifically VVM required the installation of a VOIP gateway with 4 PRI's that could route at least…read more…

Tech Tips – Feb 2012

1. Improved Analogue (FXO) trunk hang-up detection
A common issue faced by systems support Analogue (FXO) trunks stems from Telkom's use of tones at end of call-to-signal call termination as opposed to the (globally) more widely adopted polarity reversal method. A problem arises when call hang-up is not detected, the FXO trunk "locks up" and becomes unusable, since the line is deemed active.

Find out how Far South Networks has significantly improved the intelligence and flexibility of its end-of-call detection and answered state initiation algorithms on the Com.X PBX, providing a variety of detection options, including region specific tones (preferred and most accurate), duty-cycle tone detection, regular pattern detection and trunk silence detection.

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2. Automated music / advertising upload:
Have you ever wanted to support your clients in turning their PBX's "Music on Hold" into a dynamic messaging or advertising portal? This technical note describes a method for automating the upload of "music on hold" files to your clients Com.X PBX, as a means of providing more dynamic advertising.


3. Phone configuration using a spreadsheet:
Creating a set of configuration files for SIP devices in large installations can be challenging. This technical note provides an example for using the Com.X TFTP server feature together with an Excel macro as a means to automate the process, especially form Aastra phones.


4. Microsoft Outlook integration
The Com.X range of products can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, providing the ability to place calls from your office extension to any of your Outlook contacts.

Incoming calls to your extension pop up with the associated contact's details if the caller ID is matched with an Outlook contact or a new contact window if the contact is not yet present in the contacts list.

For more details download the latest Com.X Administrator’s guide (1.18.44) for instructions on installing and configuring Outlook support (section 7.6).

5. BlackBerry Smart phone SIP client interop with Com.X: 
Blackberry phones have taken the market by storm. Imagine how simple life could be if you enabled your Com.X PBX to route your office calls to your Blackberry phone?

As versatile as these devices are, they do not come out the box with SIP client support. This technical note presents three Blackberry SIP clients available on the market that may be used to establish SIP calls to/from your Com.X PBX.


6. Post PBX installation audit
In an effort to improve client experience, dealer installation and pro-actively address common installation issues, the Com.X's now ship with an auditing script. It checks for a variety of common configuration issues in the domains of networking, analogue connectivity, security, dialplan configuration and others.

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